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8 July 2015

FerroNATS obtains certificate for provision of CNS services

As a result of this certification, FerroNATS extends its catalogue of services to include Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS).

As a result of this accreditation, FerroNATS’ profile is enhanced through a certification that covers the engineering and maintenance processes of those teams that maintain the air traffic control (ATC) services. These operations are supported on the technical basis of the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance services, which can only be provided by means of the certification recently obtained by FerroNATS. 

Approval is subject to compliance with the strict European regulations, within the framework of the Single European Sky Programme, and it is a guarantee of the highest standards of safety and quality. 

The Spanish State Air Safety Agency (Spanish acronym: AESA) is the body tasked with supervising and granting these certifications. 

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