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17 February 2014

FerroNATS achieves OHSAS 18001 certification

This international standard will enable the company to continually improve its occupational health and safety processes and control the related risks.

Safety is one of the cornerstones at the heart of FerroNATS’ business model. With this in mind, the company works continually to fine-tune its procedures in order to offer excellent service underpinned by the safety of its customers and employees.

OHSAS 18001OHSAS 18001 is the benchmark international standard for certifying occupational health and safety management systems. In achieving this certification, FerroNATS has reinforced its commitment to consistently providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Implementation and maintenance of an OHSAS-certified management system guarantees delivery of an ever-improving safety record, consistent productivity gains and ongoing compliance with occupational safety legislation, thereby enhancing how the company is run internally and fostering an accident prevention mindset among its employees.

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