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4 November 2014

FerroNATS adds the most recent ATC graduates from FTEJerez to its job bank

The agreement signed by the two companies in March 2014 guarantees job bank access for the programme’s top students.

The first air traffic controllers (ATC) to graduate from FTEJerez since the training academy and FerroNATS signed their collaboration agreement completed their programme on 17 October. The graduation ceremony, which took place that same day, was attended by Alberto Varela, head of training at FerroNATS, and Iris Lorente, head of HR. Oscar Sordo, CEO of FTEJerez, and Miguel Caparrós, head of training at the academy, attended the ceremony on behalf of the pilot and air traffic controller training school.

The hard work implied by the 22-week air traffic controller training programme at FTEJerez has paid off: the new controllers will have the chance to compete for all positions opening up at FerroNATS which match their skill profiles.

The new additions to the job exchange are part of an agreement signed by the two companies in March 2014 with a view to helping new graduates find work.

Alberto Varela underscored how valuable it was for the company to be able to monitor the performance of the candidates throughout their training process and observe their continual progress: "It helps us to identify each controller’s potential and allows us to leverage our experience to add to their knowledge and skills”, said Varela.

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