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5 April 2013

FerroNATS began operations in La Coruña Control Tower

The 20th of March FerroNATS began its operations of the air traffic control tower in La Coruña Airport.

The first operation of the new Control Tower managed by FerroNATS took place at 06.30 pm last March 20, coinciding with the landing of an Iberia flight to Madrid. The transition period of this tower began on July 2012.

Flights that operate at this airport are mainly commercial, training schools and operational (Maritime Rescue, Police and Traffic Department).

In 2012, La Coruña airport handled 845,452 passengers, 13,693 flight operations and 195 tonnes of cargo, and is also a key location for the departure and the arrival of flights in cooperation with the National Transplant Organization.

La Coruña is the fitth tower liberalized by Ferronats, apart from Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos, Jerez and Vigo. Throughout this year the transition will take place also in the control towers of Seville, Valencia, Ibiza and Alicante.

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