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17 December 2012

FerroNATS operations begin

In November FerroNATS began operations of the air traffic control tower in Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos and Vigo airports.

On the 16th November at 9am, FerroNATS commenced operations in the Sabadell Airport´s control tower. During the same month operations also commenced in the control towers of Cuatro Vientos (27th of November) and Vigo (30th of November).

FerroNATS are scheduled to start providing services in the Control Towers of Jerez, La Coruña, Sevilla, Valencia, Ibiza and Alicante airports in 2013.

Sabadell Airport is an aerodrome that handles General Aviation traffic and flights under visual flight rules (VFR). In 2011, Sabadell aerodrome registered 33,395 aircraft operations.

On the other hand, Madrid-Cuatro Vientos airport it is a joint civil-military aerodrome used for general aviation flights. In 2011, there were 42,707 flight operations.

In 2011, Vigo airport recorded 976,152 passengers, 14,130 aircraft movements and 1,113 tonnes of cargo.

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