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24 January 2014

FerroNATS operations begin in Alicante Control Tower

This handover marks the end of the transfer of the nine towers whose control was adjudicated to the company by AENA.

The first flight managed by FerroNATS from Alicante-Elche airport’s control tower was Ryanair flight FR9072, which took off at 6.50am, destination Manchester.

The new team of controllers, whose transition period began last April, is mostly made up of experienced professionals. The team will be increased at the start of the airport’s high season in anticipation of a significant spike in traffic during the summer months.

The 9.6 million passengers and 68,303 flights going through this facility last year make this airport the largest of the nine airports managed by FerroNATS in terms of traffic volumes.

Deregulation of air traffic control at Alicante-Elche airport marks the end of the handover of the towers adjudicated to FerroNATS by AENA via public tender for the provision of air traffic control services.

After more than 12 months managing traffic at the first facilities handed over and having managed 6 million passengers and more than 175,000 flights, FerroNATS remains firmly committed to its mission of continuing to provide an excellent service underpinned by safety, quality and efficiency, as it has been doing to date. It is currently the leading private ACT service provider in Spain.

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