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11 November 2013

FerroNATS starts to operate the Ibiza control tower

The company, the result of a joint venture between Ferrovial Servicios and NATS, has been controlling air traffic on the island since 7 November.

The 7:45am Air Nostrum flight to Palma de Mallorca was the first flight controlled by the Ibiza tower under FerroNATS’s watch.

The new controllers, responsible for air traffic control management, took up residency of Ibiza's control tower in April of this year, in keeping with the transition plan agreed between FerroNATS and AENA and overseen by the state air safety agency, AESA.

Ibiza airport is characterised by high seasonality and an eminently tourist profile, although regular traffic between the island and the mainland is by no means insignificant. In 2012, 5,555,048 passengers were carried, 57,738 flights operated and 2,316 tonnes of freight carried at Ibiza airport.

The start of activity at this tower constitutes a fresh milestone for the company, marking the culmination of the transfer of the eighth of the nine control towers adjudicated by AENA to FerroNATS.

Close to one year on from the first control tower deregulations and 150,000 controlled flights and 5 million boarded passengers later, Ibiza is joining the Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos, Vigo, Jerez, La Coruña, Valencia and Seville towers under the management of FerroNATS.

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