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18 December 2014

FerroNATS will hire five graduates from ATC course taught by FTEJerez

The air traffic control services provider will participate in the selection process and oversee the students´ training, which will begin in May 2015.

The agreement signed by FerroNATS and FTEJerez in March of this year continues to create opportunities for tomorrow’s air traffic controllers. The two companies are taking their collaboration a step further, translating their synergies into real job opportunities for ATC students.

There will be 12 graduates at most from the ATC programme imparted next year by the Jerez-based flight school. Thanks to the new agreement, all of these students will be added to the FerroNATS and FTEJerez job exchanges and five are guaranteed a job at the ATC service provider which is suitable for their backgrounds. Three of these five professionals will be selected by FerroNATS and FTEJerez before the course begins, depending on the match between their skills and backgrounds and the company’s needs. FerroNATS will supervise and participate in their training from the outset. Their ultimate hire will be conditional upon their successful completion of the training programme.

The other two controllers will be selected as a function of their performance during the 22-week programme. The school is already taking applications for the next ATC programme, which will begin in May 2015. Thanks to this commitment, FerroNATS will have access to the candidates whose profiles best match its needs, while ensuring that they will be trained to the most stringent standards. Moreover, the trainee controllers will benefit from tangible professional opportunities.

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